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The difference between
"let's get this 100% right" and
"let's get this out and gather feedback".

The latter one ships frequently and adds more value (if value is defined as benefit × time)

Can someone point me to a working federation relay for Mastodon 2.5?
I got really excited about the possibilities of creating my own federated feed for my personal instance, but I've not seen how to get this working yet.

Hello Assembled People of European Mastodon! I work at @eff on international copyright. You might have heard of #article13, the EU proposal to require © filters on sharing sites.

We're really worried that this could affect services like ActivePub/Mastodon instances, opening them up to lawsuits or requiring expensive filters.

The key vote is on Wednesday -- please call or write your MEP and ask them to vote against #article13 to protect the future of the internet!

Can't stop thinking about this when I think of federation relays.

Within minutes of my post, I've already seen a different way to help the population of my timeline with interesting communities - federation relays! 🚀

Sound really promising, if each community had one built-in, that would address community visibility whilst avoiding me making multiple accounts! 🙌

My thoughts on ultimate Mastodon client:
1. community focused, with an easy directory of instances - the ability to "look inside" instance's timelines, if admins expose it
2. easy way to see trending conversations within each community
3. ability to designate a 'master profile' which will be used for all interactions. (This is optional, as some people will want separate profiles for each instance)
4. abilities to cross-boost posts (or is that considered bad form?)

What would be your wishlist?

I'm still getting the hang of living on my own instance. It requires a bit of discipline when viewing the local timelines of other instances.

Too easy to interact on my old accounts and keep he conversation going there instead of here!

Garden question:
What should I do with my decking?
It's rotten and needs replacing.

Lots of people have suggested ripping it up and paving it over.
Others have just suggested getting it redone.
Either way I may need to sort out extra drainage, as it's the lowest point in the garden.

What do you think?


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