My Google rankings and my analysis on birdsite got some attention:
"When will treat old Google Apps users the same way as normal Google account users?! can't invite home members who don't have the same domain as you?!
Ridiculous, and makes me think more and more that I'm locked in and I'm not happy! 😥"

This post pretty much sums up my dream job. Now to just find a company willing to hire me to do it.

Why It’s Impossible To Be A Freelance Product Manager. And How I Did It.

My output from a day of meetings yesterday.
I can't draw, but it made me chuckle!

Can't stop thinking about this when I think of federation relays.

Garden question:
What should I do with my decking?
It's rotten and needs replacing.

Lots of people have suggested ripping it up and paving it over.
Others have just suggested getting it redone.
Either way I may need to sort out extra drainage, as it's the lowest point in the garden.

What do you think?


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