My Google rankings and my analysis on birdsite got some attention:
"When will @Go[email protected] treat old Google Apps users the same way as normal Google account users?!
@[email protected] can't invite home members who don't have the same domain as you?!
Ridiculous, and makes me think more and more that I'm locked in and I'm not happy! 😥"

Can I have a night mode for everything please?

Avril Lavigne is still cute, but I don't know why she's always crying in her music videos.

Dear banks,
An email with a link to your website is NOT a statement. It's a promotional email.
Just PDF it and send it to me, or better yet, include some actual insights about my spending.


The big debate of the day:

Pizza 🍕 or Cake 🍰?

I really like what Time Berners-Lee has done for the internet, but his latest project is misguided.

People don't care enough about their own data to store it in a digital vault.
I should know - I worked for a startup which tried to do the same thing and ran out of money.

What do you think?

This post pretty much sums up my dream job. Now to just find a company willing to hire me to do it.

Why It’s Impossible To Be A Freelance Product Manager. And How I Did It.

Watching American God's again - I'd forgotten how weird it was!

Just defined 'bread and butter' as the work you do, so you can do fun stuff outside of work hours.

Is that right, or am I in the wrong job?!

I was invited to The Changelog podcast, where we chatted about Mastodon and ActivityPub

I went back to the birdsite for a bit, then got really stressed and came back here.

Has anyone managed to get working on ?
Every instance I add just sticks at 'waiting for relays' approval?

sounds pretty cool.
Is this the start of something transformative, or just another place for spam?

Two words that I dread whenever I hear them at work: Legal & Compliance What words make your heart sink at work?

Mastodon is on XKCD! (And the misspelling was corrected!)

My output from a day of meetings yesterday.
I can't draw, but it made me chuckle!

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